Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Let’s set the record straight here once and for all.  Being a true Christian means to recognize and confess that I am a dirty rotten sinner with no chance of entering a perfect and sinless place called Heaven.  It means that I am fully aware of my imperfections and human weaknesses.  It means that I admit I need a Savior.

On the flipside, if I say I am a Christian because I am such a good person, then and only then, am I a hypocrite.  Aside from Jesus Christ, no one—not even Mother Theresa, Billy Graham, Saint Francis of Assisi, or Jesus’ own mother Mary—is without sin.  They may be the most wonderful, self-sacrificial people to walk the face of the earth but somewhere, tucked within each and every piece of human flesh is a dirty little stain called sin.  We’re born with it.  No one had to teach us how to lie, cheat, steal, or hurt someone's feelings.  On the contrary, we had to be taught not to do those things.  We have laws set up in society because without them, we’d destroy ourselves, and others.   

No.  I am not a hypocrite.  I am a lover of Jesus Christ, who loves me back—even with my face covered in mud.  He tenderly washes me new every day.  This is the only reason I am allowed to say with complete humility that I am indeed a Christian.   


  1. You just help conjure up a heap of Catholic School memories. I remember Sister So-and-So saying that every time you did bad stuff you got a black line on your heart and if you earned enough of them you could turn your heart into a mudcake. I love the way you have mud on your face in the end, but Jesus still loves you. Want to set Sister So-and-So straight?

    1. Gosh John, I think God will do a much better job at setting this poor Sister So-and-So straight. But if I do have the privilege to meet said Sister, I will take her Sharpie pen away and tell her to go to Calcutta for a real mudcake experience. Sheesh!