Monday, June 17, 2013

Another Lush Rush

Let me preface this by saying that I have overly sensitive olfactory receptors, meaning I have a nose like a Blood Hound.  I can sniff out the faintest ingredients in just about anything (including bloodthirsty people), so when I take home a new bath gel from Lush, my nose goes into aromatic overdrive.  So far, I have indulged in five Lush-ious bath gels...each one having its own unique sensory personality.  

The Olive Branch:  The Lush girl at the Ala Moana store convinced me to buy the largest, 16.9 ounce bottle with a promise that I would feel as pampered as a rich chick at an expensive day spa.  At home that evening, with the shower running as hot as I could take it, I put The Olive Branch to the spa test.  The first scent that I encountered was along the lines of Seville orange with a delicate hint of sea salt.  With a subtle touch of olive oil, this gel doesn't give up much lather, but it cleanses gently and with a genuine moisturizing quality.  After drying off, I noticed a healthy sheen on my skin, as well as a lingering Mediterranean fragrance that, as promised by my faithful Lush girl, did indeed leave me feeling like a spa-pampered rich chick.

Flying Fox:  Now this little vixen of a bath gel floats my proverbial boat.  From the bottle, I get a pleasant jasmine rush, followed by a hint of honey, but in a steamy shower...POW!  It actually makes my head swirl as I take in the transition of fragrances.  Intoxicating, pure romance in a bottle sums it up.  I even rinse a bit into my hair, which makes the scent linger for the whole day.

Dirty:  The ironic twist in this gel is that Dirty gets you really clean.  It's ocean meets mint.  You'll get a fresh wake-up feeling, even at midnight.

Twilight:  Speaking of midnight...this is it.  Warmth exudes from this mysterious bottle of lavender and vanilla fusion.  It even sparkles!  The problem with this gem, however, is that it's seasonally offered during Christmas only.  Bah humbug!

Ponche:  And speaking of seasonal, here's Ponche.  It's supposed to take on a Mexican fruity Tequila punch, but to me it smells more like the syrupy fruit punch you find at a kid's birthday party. Not that I really want to leave the shower smelling like a Tequila Sunrise, but I also don't want to draw a playground full of sugar-honing kids to my side either.  Perhaps since Lush products are mixed and prepared by individual people, maybe my batch was mixed by a lightweight shower gelista.  Sorry Ponche, I'm not sure I'll be giving you a second chance this Christmas.

So here I am, ready to get back to Lush for some new gels.  Am I completely out of the ones I already have?  Of course not!  But in order to keep on blogging about Lush, it is my official duty to go there and allow my curious nose to sniff itself silly.


  1. You should do commercial copy writing....anyway, you got me yearning to make a Lush store visit...but payday is another week off...sigh.....

    1. Thanks, Livestrong! I have not yet looked into commercial copy writing but will take your advice and investigate. Do you have any connections?

      Lush On!