Saturday, December 1, 2012

Gushing All Over LUSH!

Tonight's LUSHiious purchase
I probably would have never discovered LUSH products if it weren’t for a student I once taught in the 8th grade.  She was actually working at Nordstrom that day, but when I told her I was looking for a gift for my teenage niece, she told me to go straight to LUSH.  I had never heard of the place, but she assured me that I would be pleasantly surprised. 

I was.

When I entered the shop, a genuinely pleasant employee greeted me and asked if this was my first time to the store.  I told her it was and that I was looking for a gift suitable for a teenage girl.  She took me straight to the open bins of bath bombs and told me about them as I picked up and sniffed each one.  I wanted to buy them all, almost forgetting that I was not there for my own indulgence and that I didn’t have access to a bathtub at home anyway.  With obvious pride in her company, she explained to me how LUSH products are famous for their minimal use of packaging and how they make their products from fresh fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils, and safe synthetics.  I wound up buying two bath bombs for my niece:  Blackberry and Sakura.  Each bomb cost $6.45, and the friendly Lush girl told me they could be broken in half to last longer.  I bought two more for myself—Space Girl and The Enchanter—figuring I could take them on my upcoming trip to the mainland and soak myself silly in someone else’s tub.

But it didn’t end there.  No, LUSH girl encouraged me to explore the rest of the shop, and explore I did.  Starting with the hair products, I found an impressive array of shampoo bars, of which she promptly asked me if I’d like to sample.  She filled a bowl of warm water and lathered up a fragrant 2-in-1 bar called Godiva and proceeded to shampoo and condition the hairs on my forearm (proud to be half Portuguese!).  Assuring me the bar would last at least three months (which it did), she convinced me to give it a try for a reasonable $10.95.  I also bought a warming scalp treatment bar, curiously named Snake Oil, at $8.95.      

Since that first LUSHious experience, I have returned religiously, trying something new each time.  I even went there tonight and was treated, as always, like I was the most important customer in the world by a yet another very impressive LUSH girl named Colleen.  So start saving your LUSH money and stay tuned for more deLUSHious blogs.