Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chunky Monkey

Let me keep this short and sweet.

I'm not sure what compelled me to buy this one-pinter of Ben & Jerry's tonight. I never buy ice cream for myself. Ever. But it was late. I was tired, and it looked so innocent just sitting there in the cold. It was lonely.

I actually walked away from it once, thinking to myself, What kind of woman would buy something called "Chunky Monkey"? Geez! So I went back to see if it was still there, and since it was, I assumed it was meant to be mine--all mine. The nutrition facts say it has only 290 calories--for 1/2 cup. Truth be told, there are four servings in that pint-sized cup. That's 290 x 4=1160 calories! It would take a solid hour and a half of serious sweat to burn that off.

So I brought it home. Everyone was already sleeping. There'd be no threats to share. After letting it thaw a little, I ate half the pint: 580 calories. The other half is right here next to me, but it's going to spend the night in my freezer (behind the frozen okra).

So I'm going to bed now. Tomorrow night I'll be at the gym for an hour and a half, grappling with my chunky-monkey hips and thighs.


  1. How could I resist the Chunkey Monkey it used to be my fav Ben and Jerrys until I got hooked on Cherry Garcia that sinful homage to the Greatful Dead frontman. Lately, though I'm sorry to say I've developed a strange craving for donuts.

    Donuts, mmmmm!

  2. The Cherry Garcia should have been my pick because I LOVE CHERRIES, but that Chunky Monkey description on the container...bananas, chocolate, walnuts...I couldn't resist!

    Now donuts are to me what Crown Royal is to an alcoholic...always have been, especially the little white powdered sugar ones. Costco sells them in tubs. I swear I can hear them saying, "Aw, go ahead...we won't make you fat. Look at how cute and innocent we are..."

    Pure torture. Then there are maple bars, cinnamon rolls, apple fritters...ahhhh!