Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A House of Worth

Speaking of Edith Wharton, she's #2 on my top-ten list of dead people I wish I could have met. T. S. Eliot is, and always will be, my #1 dead person I not only wish I could have met, but he's also the man I wish I could have married. Unfortunately, he died the year I was born. But Edith, who is like a sinister, dichotomous stepsister of Jane Austin, would be my ultimate BFF--the one to whom I would tell my darkest secrets while devouring hot cinnamon scones and chai at the estate she designed and built in 1902 in Lennox, Massachusetts called The Mount (see pic).

According to Wikipedia, the house
and its gardens are still open to the public from May through October although the house/museum has been threatened to foreclose. This is Edith's real-life House of Mirth, a place where one could find the "ah-ness" of living. How tragic it would be to board up the doors of this signature piece of her treasure.

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