Monday, August 24, 2009

Do my survey at the bottom of this page...

I just discovered a way to add surveys...what fun! I'll try to put more creative ones up next week. I've been to 21 states so far...29 to go!


  1. Pretty nifty. It's a good thought-jogger. I didn't realize some of the states I'd already been to that I'd forgotten about. On the other hand, I have some work to do. I need to see some more mountains and praries and yada yada.

  2. Which ones have you been to? Here's mine:
    HI, CA, OR, WA, NV, CO, AZ, ID, WY, MT, NB, ND, SD, UT, TX, DC, FL, GA, SC, NC, MO

    Ones I must see:
    VT, MA, CT, NH, and of course NY!

  3. Hey Deb E.,
    I've been to 37 states so far and hopefully Ena and I can knock off a few more next summer. I'd like to go to New England and drive from Maine to Rhode Island. We would pass through New Hampshire, Vermont, New York and Connecticut. After that trip I would ony need to visit Alaska, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Arkansas, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Read ya laters,

  4. Oh, can I come along for the ride??? That sounds wonderful! (Sorry for the late response...I just found it tonight while looking over my bygone bloggings)...