Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturdays are for trying not to look busy...

So I wake up at 9 and stare at the ceiling for at least 7 minutes, then I wander out of bed and wander back to bed, thinking, It's Saturday...geez. Then my friend Kathy, far away in Michigan, calls on my land line because my cell is broken (dead and buried), and I want to share my poem with her, which is impossible because my boy Noah sprayed Windex on the keyboard yesterday to clean it and fried the system. So we just blabbed until I realized I had to go to my eye doctor, which is all the way in Kaneohe (like 9 miles or something). We hung up and I bumped my appointment to 2:30 so I could tackle my mega-stack of dishes, add a new scene in my novel, and take a real shower. All the while, I'm thinking, Some Saturday.

I grab the dog and head out on my trek over the Pali, through the Koolaus, to Dr. Sakka's we go. The dog is happy, and I'm happy that he's happy. Husband and son are at their respective soccer games all day, so I'm in no real rush, except for the 2:30 appointment. I get there at 2:29. They let me bring Duke in, probably because he's so cute. After a slough of small adjustments, I got some new contacts...+450 for my left eye...+75 for my right. Still not enough depth perception, but much better overall. Then 9 miles back through the Koolaus, I listened to Maunalua's "Kaleohano", which made the drive more beautiful. The song has given me a vision for my Master's reading and critical intro. I feel inspired now.

After dropping Duke off at home, I headed back out to order a new cell phone, and to see if my keyboard could be resuscitated. It couldn't, so $80 later, I leave the Apple store feeling like buying something pretty. I prance into Betsy Johnson, look at the sale rack, then slump out. I go home, where I am now, and hook up my new keyboard, and we are. It's getting late, and I'm tired, and it's Saturday...geez!

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